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Consignment Auctions

C&L Auction Services can help you turn your items into cash.

Do you have items you would like to sell for cash but don’t know where to turn? Maybe it’s a specialty or niche item, and you just can’t or don’t know where to go to find the right audience who will pay cash for it?

If this sounds like you or you have various items around your property that you’d like to turn into cash, consider teaming up with C&L Auction by letting us sell your items in our consignment auctions.

We have built a worldwide audience and know how to market your items to turn them into cash.

What is a consignment auction?

A consignment auction will host items from various sellers looking to turn those items into cash. Due to the variety of items available in these types of auctions, they draw a larger audience.

Generally speaking, a larger audience means more money for the sellers due to the number of qualified buyers attending the auction either in person or online.

What kind of items does C&L Auction Services accept for consignment?

We’ll have a conversation about any item you would like to turn into cash. Even if you think it might be “unsellable” or “trash”, we might be able to find a market for your item.

Generally, folks approach us to sell antiques, collectibles, vehicles, farm equipment, industrial equipment, boats, ATVs, golf carts, motor homes, lawn and garden equipment, tools, and much more.

If you’re thinking about selling it, don’t wait for another second; contact us and start the conversation. We’ll give you an honest evaluation of your items and the markets for them.

What are the benefits of placing my items in a consignment auction with C&L Auction Service?

We have built a worldwide audience through our work. No matter what type of item you have, we’ll be able to put your items in front of qualified buyers.

While your item may bring a certain amount in the state of North Carolina, it may get even more when introduced to those in other states and even other countries.

Our network of buyers is the most significant benefit for the sellers we represent.

Additionally, we take the time and stress off your back when selling your item.

You can spend days, weeks, and even months chasing down the right buyer for your items.

Your time is money, so in the end, when you finally sell the item, you may have more time into it where it comes out to be a complete wash when factoring in the time you could be doing something else.

When you team up with us, you don’t have to worry about any of this. We do all the work to get you the cash.

Are there any downsides to consignment auctions?

The risks are very minimal in this type of auction.

Of course, there is a fee associated with teaming up with us to assist, but you only pay that fee if we can successfully find a buyer for your item.

I have items that I may like to sell with the assistance of C&L Auction Services, what is my next step?

Please get in touch with us as soon as possible. You can do so by dialing (252) 560-4059. You can also fill out the contact form on this page or our contact page.

We’ll have a conversation about your items and let you know our plan of action and our fees associated with the sale.

We’re easy to work with, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!


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